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We might come across on a situation where we loose our valuable items like mobile and cameras and don't know what to do.

Also there are situations where you found someone else's gadgets from somewhere and don't know to whom it beongs to.

We keep the invoice receipt safe for these gadgets, but ends up in a situation where we keep on searching for it but ends up with nothing but frustration.

The thefts are happening because they are having demand on second sale market. All of us are keen to be a genuine person who does not want to buy a stolen product. The seller would always claim that the item what he has showcased is a genuine one and there is always a possibility that the item been stolen from someone. If it was a stolen item that we purchase from them, we actually are not aware of the legal implecations that would follow us later on. We don't have an option to see if the seller is really selling a genuine item.

What we offer.

Heykya.com is a platform for us to overcome these situations.

We can save our gadgets/items information to heykya.com along with the soft copy of the invoice which would come handy any time anywhere. you may register your gadgets with us and allow to set its status declared as owned, found(someone elses) and lost easily by just a click.

Your personal information and gadget information would not be shared to others until you set the permissions to do so.

Our approach.

heykya.com allows anyone to search for a gadget when they are trying to buy from someone with its specified serialnumber, and if the given serial number is available with us with the status declared as lost, they can contact the person in person and help him if they wish to.


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